Our Story

The Fit To Read Project was created to raise awareness about children’s vision issues, the relationship between vision and learning, and to give back to Calgary Reads – an amazing organization that strives to improve literacy outcomes in children.  Approximately 80% of what a child learns in school is information that is presented visually.  As an optometrist I see the incredible impact that improving a child’s vision can have not only on their daily activities, but also on their confidence in the classroom and their desire to read and learn about the world around them.  Being in the health care system, I also see first-hand the role that optimal wellness, both physical and mental, can have on our quality of life, and that includes the many benefits that reading can bring: peace, tranquility, focus and joy. That’s why the ultimate goal of the Fit To Read Project is to connect books with kids, to spread the joy of reading, and why proceeds from our events and apparel goes back to Calgary Reads.